1760-1865 Slavery in AMerica

Ours is an exclusive and rare collection featuring museum-quality historical authenticity and detail covering the era of Slavery in America from the 18th century up to the Civil War.  From working in homes as well as in fields with tools and overseers to working trades and fishing on the Carolina coast.  African-Americans in their own dwellings and family life.  Cooking in hearths and in open fires.  Our footage also contains recreations of slave capture in Africa, men and women in chains and sensitively-shot recreations of some of the most horrible and gut-wrenching tortures during this era.

United States Colored troops, fighting for freedom on the battlefield - including recreations of the 54th Massachusetts.  USCT Infantry and artillery.  Frederick Douglass… Harriet Tubman and other freedom fighters and conductors and supporters on the Underground Railroad.

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